6 Features Chevrolet Trax

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Chevrolet Trax crossover segment is a driving force in Indonesia. Why is that? With a fairly competitive price, Trax offers many features which may be absent in competitors. Moreover, the highest Trax LTZ variant is loaded with features and complement the driving experience.

Excellent features what brought the highest Chevrolet Trax LTZ variant to compete in the compact crossover segment in Indonesia? Consider the following explanation.


Not many cars in the price range that offers features Chevrolet Trax sunroof. Especially in the segment. With the presence of sunroof gives the sensation of driving is different when the weather is sunny and support.

Automatic Rear Wiper

Trax has a wiper on the rear glass was automatically activated when reverse parking. Along with reversing camera active, the wipers will sweep dirt and water attached in the rear glass. This feature ensures the rearward visibility through the rearview be optimal.

Sophisticated lights

The main headlamp or headlights Trax supported by advanced technology, which automatically turns on or dims. The feature will be active when the light sensor behind the rearview reading light reception intensity to then turn on or turn off the lamp itself.

In addition, the headlights can be adjusted degrees Trax height. With three different height levels, visibility in the dark and minimal lighting become more optimal.

Trax also has fog or fog lights are located at the stern. The function of the rear fog lamp is to provide better lighting for vehicles in the rear. This feature is particularly useful for vehicle behind in low visibility conditions such as heavy rain and foggy road.


Trax is one of the few cars equipped with turbochargers in its price range. Trax even the only one who has applied turbo in its segment. Thanks to the support turbo, torque peak Trax is the largest among its competitors, despite using a small 1.4-liter engine.

Traction control

Trax pinned the button to deactivate the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Traction Control System (TCS). This feature is usually rare because if careless even be potentially harmful. However, with the extinction of the ESC and TCS system, stability and traction is no longer limited by the computer. This feature is useful when the wheels were stuck for example on bad roads or mud.

Siri Eyes Free

Yes, the infotainment system on Trax is supported also by SIRI, like on the iPhone. This feature allows the driver to access a number of features on a smartphone through voice commands and buttons on the steering wheel crossbar. By doing so, our eyes fixed focus fixed on the road, not turning to smartphones alias eyes free.