Cadillac Launches Powerful Hybrid Luxury Sedan

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Over the years, American car buyers embrace the popular slogan ‘There’s no replacement for displacement “.


But now consumer habits have changed, and the automotive industry has slowly moved away from big engines and wasteful of fuel into the kitchen runway turbocharged smaller, and even using hybrid technology will.

Therefore, General Motors (GM) introduced the Cadillac CT6 PHEV 2017. GM appears ready to compete directly with competitors from Germany in the premium compact sedan segment. Cadillac CT6 will be one of the latest American model with a smaller engine, but powerful and economical.

Cadillac CT6 PHEV is offered with four-cylinder turbo engine capacity of 2.0 liters combined with 2 units EVT electric engine systems.


Each electric drive capable of producing 74.5 kW, or the equivalent of 100 hp, so if combined, Cadillac CT6 has 335 hp with a torque of 586 Nm.

As reported by Carscoops, electric engines belonging to the Cadillac CT6 only be sped up to speeds of 125 km / h with a cruising range of 48 km.


In the interior, passenger Cadillac CT6 participated spoiled with infotainment on the rear seat, as well as a sophisticated night vision.

It is not certain whether the Cadillac CT6 besides prepared for the US market, is also targeting Europe and Asia, considering the Cadillac CT6 built in China.