McLaren Introduce 570S Design Edition

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The big name McLaren is usually known for its sporty cars and exotic products handmade British exclusive.

Now, McLaren launched 570S increasingly trendy with taking personal inspiration that incorporates a combination of beauty and power trim.


Assisted by a team of designers Mclaren, using the best textiles and luxury accessories to create 5 units McLaren 570S Design Edition.

The engine was still V8 Twin Turbo with a capacity of 3,799 cc with a power output of up to 562 bhp and can run up to 100km / h in 3.2 seconds and can run up to 200 km / h in 9.5 seconds.


Supercar with a length of 4,530 mm, width 2,095 mm, height 1,202 mm using the composition of Vermilion Red complexion wearing crossbar rim 5 that covers the disc calipers red.

In the interior, the material Carbon Black Alcantara and Nappa leather with color stitching together Apex Red Slate Gray decorate the cabin.


McLaren 570S Design Edition is also available with color Storm Grey, Ventura Orange and White Silica, along with the other interior combinations.