McLaren Set New Hypercar

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British sports car manufacturer McLaren, which is also a famous team in Formula 1, is creating the latest hypercar.

And as reported by Autocar, McLaren hypercar will have 3 to the driver’s seat in the middle.


In other words, this McLaren hypercar is the successor of the legendary supercar, the McLaren F1, which was launched in the 1990s ago.

Car code-named BP23 is done directly by McLaren Special Operations, which is headed by Ansar Ali.


Later, BP23 McLaren will be produced as many as 106 units, with a streamlined appearance and performance with a hybrid engine twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 as belonging to McLaren P1.

BP23 The name itself comes from ‘BP2’ indicates that the second MSO bespoke products, and 3 melampangkan 3 seats.


McLaren will choose their own customers who are entitled to have this hypercar, with all 106 untu that there will be a color to order.

McLaren did not give the exact time, but is expected McLaren will slide palin BP23 fast at the beginning of 2019.