New Look Toyota Mark X

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In population and reputation, Toyota Mark X is one that seems to line up is not very popular. Toyota Mark X itself has a minimal level above the Toyota Corolla and still a CBU.


Meanwhile, Toyota is currently quoted on the Paultan turned out to have been officially provide a more beautiful makeup for the Toyota Mark X. And it makes the Toyota Mark X in Indonesia began to circulate in 2013 so terelevasi significant.

In Indonesia alone, Toyota provides 5 pieces option for Mark X, which is adapted to code engine capacity and type, namely 350RDS, 250RDS, 250S and 250S Four (for four-wheel-drive), 250G / 250G Four, and the 250G / 250G Four by F Package.


In terms of appearance Toyota added some compositions in terms of fascia and body. One of the most obvious is composing grill sharper. In addition, the front bumper has also become more sporty for a little bit wide on the left and right.


One of the most significant written by Toyota Mark X is the presence of Toyota Safety Sense P suite of active safety in all variants. At last but not least, Toyota also added a forward-facing radar and camera to detect other vehicles or other road users.