Nissan March Car Fashionable & Smart

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Cars are now not only serves as a means of transportation only. But, also as a complementary fashion and show identity. Especially for you young kids who want to look stylish at all the activities and atmosphere. Inspired by this phenomenon, PT Nissan Motor Indonesia Nissan March its newest product which is ready to complement the style of a smart young man.

For those of you who have solid activity, requires a personal vehicle that is able to maneuver. Nissan March is already equipped with the HR15DE engine (1,5L), adapted from the Grand Livina machine. In addition to comfortable on the road, the engine is also durable so that it can be made as an investment as well.


In terms of security, no doubt, because Nissan March’s own optimum safety features such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA) and Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC). The fourth feature of this braking technology makes you more control of the car while driving and minimize the risk of accidents.

The driving experience is also going to be different with the Multi Information Display (MID) that serves to remind that special moment. Not only get a greeting from a friend, the anniversary of the car you can also leave a survivor, you know!


Avocation sometimes make us forget to buy fuel or servicing. But, this is not going to happen while riding the New Nissan March. This car is equipped with an Intelligent Fuel Sensor that can provide information on fuel consumption. There is also Trip Information that helps remind when it’s time for service.

The narrowness of parking spaces in urban areas, sometimes stressful if you want to park. But you can cope with their 4-point parking sensors Parking Sensor or four sides that make it easier when parking backwards. Not to mention there Turning Radius feature, which allows you to spin a minimum radius of 4.5 meters for convenience when maneuvering in tight spaces or urban solid lines.

Engine and features Nissan March is okay is supported also by the exterior and interior is more fresh, modern and stylish. There are several variants of colors that could be an option as white pearl, silver metallic, black metallic, sky blue, red metallic and many others.


Nissan March keen to have a cool and fashionable? The good news, this November there was a massive promo that offers a starting price of 140 millions aja with terms and conditions yes. As long as another promo, let’s hurry to the nearest Nissan dealer and get the young people of his car and smart style.