Show Nissan GT-R Version Of The Super Race GT

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Japan’s three largest car manufacturers, namely Toyota, Nissan, and Honda, always displays the fastest product to go down in racing Super GT GT500 class.

Super GT race itself is famous in the land Sunrise, where only three of Japan’s largest manufacturer is allowed to follow the highest class, GT500.


Since 2014, Nissan GT-R uses, while for 2017, Toyota relies LC Lexus, and Honda NSX GT pride.

As reported by the Response, for the Super GT 2017, Nissan will use the latest incarnation of the GT-R for the race, with the aerodynamics package which reduced by 25 percent, a brand-new Super GT regulations.


The successor to the greatness of ‘Godzilla’ is undergoing a test for the first time since he came out of the production room and was introduced in late 2016.

Change and improvement are also made improvements to the sector body in order to get a better level of aerodynamics. Changes in this sector can be seen from the shape of the bumper with the sector down-force is greater, widening the side fender and also use large rear wing.


Without camouflage to hide the new physique, looks brand-new visual angles that add gahar mounts muscular appearance of this one. Call it in the headlights as well as the elements which make it able to maximize aerodynamic downforce which also will support the performance later.

To spur the kitchen, Honda does not use the unit engine turbo V6 3800 cc VR38DETT, but a monster machine 4 cylinder turbo engine capacity of 2,000 cc gNR20Ah a magnitude of more than 600 HP with the power generated is directed by transmission semi-automatic with a 6-speed using a lever next to the steering wheel (paddle-shift).