Sliding Door World’s First Built-in Sedan

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sliding door is one part interesting and quite luxurious when different brands and MPV variants spread, including in Indonesia.

Sliding doors facilitate access of passengers or goods in the room were not wide. In addition, the presence of a sliding door on the car MPV presenting its own style.

However, the sliding door first in the world is not actually mounted on MPV, but on a sedan in the 1950s.

The door was installed in factory output sedan named Darrin 1953 Kaiser Kaiser himself an American manufacturer.


At that time, the term door sedan Darrin is not a sliding door, but “the door pockets”. You see, the door is like pocketed, sinking into the fender of the car.

Not only the historic door, then Darrin had time to make other legendary car models overshadowed the first month of its appearance, the Corvette.

Unfortunately, Kaiser did not resume production of the sedan and only made 435 units during the year.