Toyota 86 Facelift Shown The Special

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Toyota 86 has become one of Toyota’s breath, and like a sports car featured the original Japanese manufacturer, this one will also be prepared to line up so special for fans of Toyota itself.

Besides quoted Paultan, according to Toyota’s press release, the dominant color of orange Solar Orange will be the special theme at the Toyota 86 is limited by, and this car will be washed down the fresh colors of the exterior to the interior. And the dominating orange color contrasted with the dark color alloy wheels measuring 17 inches.


Special aspect of this car will be shown on the car specifications, installation of a 2-liter boxer engine is claimed to be capable of the driver slammed on the power to touch the figure 205 horsepower, and can be obtained with an automatic transmission, or a manual transmission.

The addition of the braking also get powerful aroma, with a special braking of the Toyota 86 will use Brembo and supported the suspension SACHS of Germany.


Then this car will also ensure the comfort of its passengers. When a second entrance into the cabin passengers will be pampered with a comfortable seat to see and touch the black and orange accents.