VW Official Introduce Golf Electric

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Dieselgate scandal that hit with Volkswagen, the German auto giant will have to prove that the product homemade cleaner now.

Therefore, following the model refreshment VW Golf a few ago, VW launched a variant of the electric cars of the Golf, the Volkswagen e-Golf name.


In addition to the outward appearance is similar to a standard VW Golf, e-Golf dikengkapi with lithium-ion battery size 35.8 kw.

To facilitate charging, VW includes a 7.2 kW power socket that could fill in just 6 hours and can roam as far as 200 km after the battery is fully charged.


While in the interior, VW has pinned motion control features, or gesture control, the infotainmentnya new system on the dashboard and center console are revised.

The high resolution screen measuring 12.3 inches also replace the center console belongs to Golf, while another screen placed to depose conventional buttons.

VW e-Golf itself already is rummy introduced at the LA Auto Show.