Ferrari Introduced The New 488 Challenge Race Car

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Ferrari World Finals event at Daytona this weekend to witness the launch of new models that will be participating in the Challenge race series, the 488 Challenge.

Special Ferrari is a model of this circuit that will Participate in the sixth one-make series, the which in 2017 will be days and finished 25th.

Ferrari 488 Challenge is the first turbo-engined models who Participated in the race event and the Challenge of the most powerful cars ever since engined 670 cv V8 with a capacity of 3,900 cc is derived from the production machine series champion International Engine of the Year 2016 ,

Thanks to the extensive development of the engine, aerodynamics and chassis, 488 Challenge Reaches new levels of performance, Able to surround the Fiorano circuit a second faster than the predecessor models, the 458 Challenge EVO, and a new record is 1’15.5 “.

The most visible change from the 488 Challenge cars Reviews their production than is on aerodynamics. To achieve Reviews These technical objectives, the technicians work closely with the Ferrari Styling Centre.

Also unique, the design of the front radiator is reset by turning the rake so it rises towards the rear. This solution increases air flow to the radiator during the race, and at the same time reducing friction.

The front bumper was redesigned with a clearer breaker system to improve the downforce and balance the load of the back in order to generate Increased efficiency by 7% Compared with the 458 Challenge EVO.