Mercedes Benz Cars Ultimate Embrace Degree

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With the tight competition of luxury cars, a variety of names such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and others competing to be the number 1.

As reported by Autonews, BMW was named the number one luxury car manufacturer in the world since 2005, and it is so shattered the peace of eternal rival, Mercedes-Benz.

After a decade of ever being number 2, eventually won the crown Mercedes-Benz luxury car manufacturer beat BMW in 2016.

The degree achieved after the manufacturer from Stuttgart, Germany was successfully sell over 2 million cars in 10 months and increased sales by 12 percent compared to 2015 last.

BMW itself was not lost without a fight, it’s just that with the increase in sales of 5.5 percent is still not able to block the superiority of Mercedes-Benz.