All-New Honda Odyssey 2018

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A prestigious event mostly use any product whatsoever to do promo the first time or as a means to introduce new products to the public.

Well, this is also done by the Japanese car manufacturer, Honda at the Detroit Motor Show 2017 officially opened January 9 next.

In the event this time, Honda displaying a concept car that is planned be the successor generation of luxury family car All-NewHonda Odyssey.

As presented autoevolution, the Japanese car manufacturer describes the All-New Honda Odyssey 2018 has a stylish design, smart and functional.

Judging from the appearance will use the floating roof design, and looks Honda would have predicted more frequent use of LED lighting technology as the main accompanying lighting design language ‘Solid Face Wing’ typical Honda.

Overall, the appearance of the exterior design of the car will be very futuristic. But unfortunately, to detail the car power source is not known, only possibility is to use hybrid technology.