New Racing Car Of Ferrari

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Ferrari Racing Challenge is a one-make race the whole car participants in 2016, this is a Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO World Finals which ended his race in Daytona, USA.

Ferrari Racing Challenge for 2017, the Italian sports car manufacturer is introducing the latest made for one brand racing series, namely in the form of the Ferrari 488 Challenge.

Compared with regular Ferrari 488 GTB, a racing variant has its own engine mapping, gear ratios are shorter, and the double-clutch automatic transmission F1DCT.

In addition, Ferrari 488 Challenge strict diet so as to cut the weight of 19.7 kg of the engine and exhaust system is 8.5 kg lighter.

Furthermore, in terms of appearance, 488 Challenge looks sharper, with a variety of devices belonging to a racing car aerodynamics Le Mans GTE 488, which in addition to tapping the car to the asphalt, it also serves to cool the car.

The most obvious effect is the acceleration that is more efficient, so it can devour the property of Ferrari Fiorano track as fast as 1 minute 15.5 seconds, or faster than 458 Challenge EVO.

In the year 2017 is the year-le-25 from the Ferrari Challenge and will be held in three regional, namely Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America.