Nissan Presents Serena Special Edition

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Since 1991, the name of MPV Nissan Serena became the mainstay of the Japanese car manufacturer to provide a mode of transportation for the family.

In commemorating the anniversary of the 25th Serena, Nissan brings Nissan Serena 25th Special Selection for a limited time, from 30 November 2016 until the end of March 2017 in the Land of the Rising Sun.

As reported by the Response, the Nissan Serena’s 25th Special Selection filled with many exciting features such as ProPILOT system, rearview smart, LED headlights, and a monitor to oversee around.


And again, potential consumers Nissan Serena this special edition also gets an exclusive navigation system, window film, and the Michelin tires.

Unfortunately, Nissan did not provide further information about the used machinery or other technical information, but it is believed that they carry the same pace with the standard variant.