VW Presents Golf Estate

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German auto giant, Volkswagen, or better known by the name of VW, launching a facelift of its flagship product hatchback, Golf.

Following the model of the VW Golf refresher some time ago, VW launched a variant of the most powerful among the hatchback, dubbed VW Golf R.

Visually, the latest VW Golf glance there is no significant change, but actually brings some changes to the bumper and lights on the front and rear.

And now, the VW Golf is also present in alias Estate station wagon variant, to provide cargo space wider than the hatchback variant.

As reported by Auto Express, the latest VW Golf R will also get a touch to the engine with an output of its 2.0-liter engine has a power of 306 hp.

While in the interior, VW has pinned motion control features, or gesture control, the new infotainment system on the dashboard and center console are revised.

The high resolution screen measuring 12.3 inches also replace the center console belongs to Golf, while another screen placed to depose conventional buttons.