Mazda Build MX-5 Classic Red

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After running for four generations, Mazda MX-5 or Miata called a popularity which is said not many cars roadster can match.

With small size and light weight, the car made in the city of Hiroshima, the Japanese cars dominate the market open roof.

To add to the impression of classic, Mazda introduced the MX-5 Classic Red, exhibited by the manufacturer’s home city of Hiroshima during the Tokyo Auto Salon 2017.

Special edition Mazda MX-5 Classic Red seems intentionally made the Mazda as a tribute to the first generation of a model MX-5.

In Model MX-5 Classic Red have some additional features as well as special paint color Classic Red is the color of a standard Mazda MX-5 output in 1990.

Increasingly visible red color with black accents Berkeley imbued in some parts like windshields Area, the home side mirror, headrest-hoops, and ream.

Mazda MX-5 Classic Red is still using the default standard kitchen runway Mazda MX-5 with a 1,500 cc unit that collects a power of 129 hp.