Mercedes Presents AMG GT Special Edition

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German car enthusiasts origin, particularly Mercedes-Benz, would be familiar with the name of AMG. AMG is another name for the Mercedes-Benz sporty and taut.

In 2017, the high-performance car arm Mercedes-Benz-AMG, celebrated the 50th anniversary, so it makes AMG spread its wings to the entire line of Mercedes-Benz.

Therefore, along with Detroit Motr Show 2017, the Mercedes-AMG introduces special edition GT C 50 Edition.

Based Mercedes-AMG GT C, this limited edition variant nasih bringing kitchen runway 4.0 liter V8 that powered 550 hp and a torque of over 681 Nm.

With that much capital, Mercedes-AMG C 50 Edition GT can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds, with maximum speed to penetrate the 317 km / h.

Some of the elements specific to the specifics of the anniversary edition AMG is mistiness color esigno Magno Graphite Grey with black chrome accents on the grille, diffuser inlet and exhaust tip, and the emblem “50th Edition” at the stern.

Meanwhile, for the interior, black Nappa leather and silver adorn the cabin, complete with contrast stitching diamond patterned, and is equipped with a sporty steering wheel of the AMG.