Nissan Sunny Start To Preen

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As one model of a small sedan owned by Nissan, the Sunny name known for its affordable price with a guaranteed quality.

To make Sunny can compete, as reported by indianautosblog, Nissan refresh their products with little changes in the interior and exterior.

Nissan Sunny sedan based on the Nissan V-Platform and will be powered by a 1.5 liter diesel engine powertrain DCI, which produces power 85 BHP, while the petrol version uses 1.5L engine.

The most obvious changes are in the interior, where the dashboard of a two-tone black and beige have been replaced with laburan all in black, silver ganish adjust around the dashboard.

Nissan Sunny appearance looks beautiful and contemporary style of the front and inside it offers spacious interiors, with features such as push-button start / stop system, keyless entry, rear parking sensors, power windows, cup holders front, rear wiper, and colored glass.